White House Gets New Security Fence With This ALARMING Feature Hidden In It.

Obama Spending Showdown

Very little will doubt Obama’s loyalty to lslam. This has been demonstrated throughout his [almost] eight years as POTUS. Kowtowing to Iran, bowing to leaders in lslamic nations, kissing the ass of terrorist organization, CAIR, and BFFing with Erdogan while attending the grand opening of a mosque and community center for the ever growing muslim community in the Washington, D.C. area.

It is clear. We all see it. He has never even tried to hide his deep love for lslam and his hatred for the United States. In fact as time went on his Presidency, he seemed to flaunt it in front of the world. Most everyone who saw this disgusting display had little power to do anything but rant online about it. Those in positions of power never blinked an eye. Even Republicans and some Conservatives denied it. Silence while Barackamed shoved it in our faces.

Once he is gone, things are bound to change on the blatant worship of lslam coming from the most powerful position in the world. However, Barackamed made a sneaky move at the White House that could be everlasting. He managed to make his lslamic mark on a historical property.whfence1In 2015, after a jumper made it over the White House Fence, immediately a new fence was installed to improve security and deter further jumpers by specifically installing spikes to the top of the fence. What most failed to notice upon installation was recently noticed by conservative radio host, Andrea Shea King.

Check out the pictures below.

This is the OLD White House Fence that made it easy for jumpers to hop over. Notice it’s very plain design. I am sure they did not want to take away from the White House being the main focus.

white house fence

This is the architectural render of the new fence that was to be installed. Not too different from the original, minus a crap load of spikes at the top and some Fluir de lis.

white house fence

This is how the new fence looks today, after installed. Nothing like the rendering And an added feature placed in alignment with the front door and United States Flag, framing them. This is absolutely vile.

white house fence

Do you see the design in the fence? It is quite unsettling once you realize what you are looking at. The middle part of that fence looks eerily similar to an lslamic mosque dome. Check out these images for comparison.

Notice in the fence design the ‘building’ on top with the corner spikes. Exactly like a mosque’s architecture found all over the world. Below it you will see the shape of a dome. If you google image mosque domes, you will find many dome shapes, and the one on the fence is one you will find.

islamic fence

Further, this image shows a little design located in three places on the fence. In lslamic design, it is called a SHAMSA. Usually decorations are made inside the container, as it is called. So, check out this comparison. Notice how attention to detail was used in the making of this piece. As in lslamic design, the White House becomes the decoration inside the Shamsa.

white house fence

Over on the Conservative Tree House, a follower by the name of ‘Concerned Virginian’ commented about the fence:

“These are traditional Islamic designs. The ‘castle like’ item on top of the ‘onion dome’ item is an evocation of Mecca, the Dome of the Rock, and the buildings surrounding it. The ‘onion dome’ is a traditional Islamic design, seen in mosques, window designs for the Harem, Islamic architecture still extist in Spain. Make no mistake this is just another way to declare Islam.”

This was one hell of a sneaky move by Barackamed. Nobody noticed until this week. It is a direct ‘f*ck you’ to the American people. An historical property has been tarnished by a muslim POTUS. Will the next president find out about this and make changes immediately? Or will this lslamic fence become part of history? The only way to find out is to make this spread and make sure it gets in the hands of Trump.

What else is up Obama’s sneaky little sleeve?