Kate Middleton fears same fate as Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton fears same fate as Princess Diana-01

A friend of the Middleton family revealed that she has been losing sleep and is afraid of dying in a car crash. Indeed, the Queen stated that Middleton’s „purpose has been served“, after she gave birth to her second child. The remark left the woman stunned and left her in fear of her life.

She was made to feel crazy and that she is losing it because of her obsession over Diana’s death and the queen’s remark confirmed her worst fears- She will die like Diana did.

Being a new member of the royal family, Kate does not have the option of complaining directly and her fears for her life are not unfounded. However, when she shares her fears with someone, she is immediately cut off and ordered to stop whining and stop being overly dramatic.

Jacintha Saldanha, Middleton’s nurse, did not commit suicide, as the official story goes. In fact, she was murdered for knowing too much. Kate opened up to her and told her many dark secrets of the family, as she was lonely and afraid. Jacintha died so that the family would keep her quiet, and teach Kate a lesson. The source now claims that Kate does not wish to talk to anybody, for fear of them joining Jacintha.

As a macabre joke, Kate wears Diana’s engagement ring. The ring, no matter how big and beautiful it is, only serves to remind Kate that she is next. The source claims that “She firmly believes her head is next on the chopping block.”

The family friend then describes her demeanor. He states that she “hates that ring. She’d love to be able to flog it”. Furthermore, she would like to sell it and flee to South America, have plastic surgery done and just live and to get to know her grandchildren.

The difficulties in her marriage with William stem from the fact that she can’t open up to him. When she shares her fears with her husband, he calls her mad and refuses to speak to her.

All this is exacerbated by the fact that Elizabeth publicly proclaimed the Middleton’s tacky and that she prefers the Spencer’s.

The sources finishes by stating that the Queen is aware how uncomfortable the royal secrets make her feel and that Kate is a smart woman. She realizes that what happened before, may happen again. She is terrified of suffering the same fate Diana did.

By: Mirrorspectrum.com