Man Arrives At Nice Terror Attack Vigil, Then Mourners See What’s In His Hand.


As family members of the Nice terrorist attack gathered with the community to mourn their loved ones, a mysterious man emerged from the crowd. At first, civilians thought he wanted to honor the victims, but when they looked down at his hand they immediately realized why he was there.

Islamic terrorism doesn’t rest. Although the left would like us to believe these barbaric acts are attributed to Western hostility, they happen every day in Muslim countries. In fact, the same savagery that’s been ongoing for 1,400 years in the Middle East is only just beginning in Europe. Sadly, France is getting a bitter taste of jihad and it’s never going to stop as long as Islam resides there.

Just one day after the horrific Islamic attack that left 84 dead and over 200 wounded, citizens gathered at the Nice Cathedral to honor the victims only to be greeted with another dose of terrorism. The Daily Mail reports that mourners gathering at the Nice vigil on Friday evening were horrified when a man emerged from the crowd with an 18-inch curved machete in hand.


Dozens of onlookers drew back in horror, scattering for fear that the man was there to finish what the jihadist started just one day earlier.

Fortunately, police were already swarming the area for any threats and managed to quickly apprehend the armed man before he was able to harm anyone. The Expressreports that members of the crowd were screaming as others burst into tears before police hauled the unnamed man away.


As usual, French authorities were quick to remove the machete-wielding man but slow to release any other details. Of course, we could easily speculate that this was yet another attempt to intimidate and terrorize the people of France into submission.

We have countless politicians and world leaders willing to sacrifice their countries’ national security to ensure the world’s useless moderate Muslims aren’t offended but none who will take a stand and tell the truth. This isn’t radical Islam or any other excuse used as a feeble attempt to preserve the crumbs left of Islam’s sordid reputation. This is Islam — raw, unmitigated, 7th-century Islam.


Muhammad is called the Messenger of Allah and the perfect example, yet he raped women and children, enslaved blacks, and butchered hundreds with his ruthless jihadist troops. Are we to believe that Allah would choose him as the “perfect example” but not want his followers to emulate his same barbarity?

After 1,400 years and 270 million casualties, Islam has somehow managed to not only fool us into believing real Muslims aren’t the barbarians Muhammad commanded them to be but that Islam is actual a peaceful religion — the religion of peace, to be exact. We always seem to hear of how peaceful it really is after the mass slaughter of non-Muslims in Allah’s name.

If Muslims actually believe that Islam is peaceful, then they would’ve had no problem wiping out the “tiny minority of extremists” we always hear have hijacked their ideology. But they are not peaceful. In fact, you can often find them celebrating these atrocities in the shadows in Western countries. In Islamic nations, they dance in the streets and hand out candy to children, calling these jihadists “martyrs.”

For Islam to be fundamentally peaceful, 1.6 billion Muslims would have to completely discard Muhammad, his teachings, and his example. Without this, however, there would be no Islam, as it was modeled by Muhammad alone. Thanks to the West’s tolerance, Islam and its bigotry and brutality will most likely never be wiped out until we decide that it is a political and militant ideology that compels hatred and violence wherever it spreads.