Gestapo In The USA: FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout (video).

In a public meeting at FCC headquarters on July 14, the agency which once served the people instead acted like tyrannical thugs, in an escalating series of remarkable events. [watch video above]

First, they prevented wireless science advocates from displaying a simple sign, violating their First Amendment rights in a public venue. Then, a security guard forcefully prevented a t-shirt from being taken out of a bag, by a former Congressional candidate with opposing views.

Next, a Bloomberg reporter had his credentials confiscated — almost unbelievably — for merely talking with the former Congressional candidate.

Following these incidents, the reporter, Todd Shields, was visibly irate with FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler — who also happens to be the former president of CTIA, the wireless industry’s lobbying organization.

“Moments ago I was attempting to talk to to some people who came to attend the meeting and have concerns about radiation and 5G. And your security force intervened — told the guy he couldn’t show me the t-shirt he wished to display at the meeting, forced him to put it away, and confiscated my FCC-issued ID. Is this consonant with the discussion that ought to be taking place here, and what’s your reaction to this action by your staff?”

-Todd Shields, Bloomberg reporter, to FCC Chair Wheeler [on video above]

Gestapo In The USA- FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout-01

And in the Q&A that followed, the former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus successfully added another dose of truth the narrative.

“Hey Tom, with the NTP study showing wireless causes cancer sub-thermally, how can you proceed with more wireless expansion, with FCC standards only recognizing thermal effects — ignoring thousands of studies showing cancerous effects, neurological effects, reproductive harm, immune system disorders… people are being electrosensitive…”

-Kevin Mottus, former Congressional candidate, to Wheeler [on video above]

After about 20 seconds of yielding the floor to Mottus, Wheeler interrupted, dodged this very appropriate question, and diverted to an FCC-compliant journalist:

“Lydia, do you have a question?

(Which, on the video, almost sounds like a Wheeler Freudian slip: “Litigate. Do you have a question?”)

Gestapo In The USA- FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout-02

Why is the FCC resorting to Gestapo-like tactics of suppression and outright intimidation?

The issue here, is that the Federal Communications Commission just rubber-stamped their rollout of “5G” cellular technology, which while increasing throughput, would blanket all planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies — 24Ghz and up. The fact that these frequencies have never been tested as safe is not stopping corporate-government plans for an unleashing of “massive infrastructure”.

FCCBut there have been thousands of published peer-reviewed studies that indicate the proliferation of microwave (wireless) technologies is not safe to biological life. (See meta-study links here, here, here and here.)

So, because there’s a lot of money in a wireless economy and the data-harvesting that comes with it — trillions, in fact — Big Industry has bought the science, bought lawmakers, ruled the proliferation of microwaves as “safe”, and infiltrated the FCC along with most international health agencies.

And in the face of this willful, for-profit negligence, instead of employing conscience and responsibility, they’re actively silencing all opposition. You know, those of the human species that pay attention to passé concepts like science and reason.

Here’s some snippets from FCC Chair Wheeler, at his June 20 press conference:

“5G will use much higher frequency bands [24 to 100+ GHz]… antennas that can aim and amplify signals… massive deployment of small cells… tens of billions of dollars in economic activity… hundreds of billions of microchips… if something can be connected, it will be connected… unlike other countries… we won’t wait for the standards…”

– Tom Wheeler, FCC Chair [on video above]

Paraphrased: “We can’t let life get in the way of profit. We want to make billions from all of you, and control everything. And in doing so, we’re not only going to willfully ignore science, we’re going to remove the idea of standards and initiate a free-for-all.

Gestapo In The USA- FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout-03

If unchecked, what could this lead to?

The implications of all of this are very far-reaching. How far? Well, to find out, let’s start with what we know.

It’s pretty clear at this point that we have a government that has been taken over by corporate interests. In order to increase their power and control even more, they plan to exponentially ramp-up the deployment of technology everywhere, which a vast body of science clearly says is harmful.

If unchecked, this will almost certainly lead to an increase in cancer and other ailments associated with exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Haven’t we had enough of for-profit agendas putting profits before health?

From a surveillance standpoint, we already know there is a sinister spying agenda operating behind the scenes. The rollout of “5G” technology — especially in the standardless, profit-centered way Wheeler describes — would indeed open up a considerable new threat to basic rights.

If everything is connected, you can bet that as many details as possible about our actions will be tracked and stored somewhere — like the $2B NSA facility in Blufdale, Utah. And there is extraordinary market value in this. A director at NARUC stated that the value of data harvested just by “smart” utility meters will likely be worth a lot more than electricity itself, which is a $2.2 trillion market globally.

But besides being creepy and making the 1% even richer, there are clear warning signs that a control-oriented governing system could easily take an indexed catalog of all of your actions and use it against you in a multitude of ways.

For example, increasingly-instrusive “pre-crime” operations are already planned in Miami. And insurance providers are checking their customers’ facebook data to influence premiums and even coverage availability. So it’s really not unreasonable to see how a governing body concerned primarily with staying in power, could restrict rights or remove “privileges” for behavior that is deemed to be not aligned with national interests.

So, tracking is not ok unless we are absolutely convinced that the governing body of that system truly respects individual rights and has the best interests of the people in mind. And right now, we are not even close to having such leadership in our governments.

Wheeler’s vision of 5G would significantly enable those who are motivated by power and money to use technology to rule over everyone else. In order to protect our lives and future, we must not allow that to happen.

While we would all like to have fast internet, we must now look closely at the downside of this technology, and take constructive action. This can understandably be difficult, due to the considerable attachment that we have to both our devices and the sense of immediate gratification that we obtain from using them.

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How we will save our world: Individual responsibility, accountability and liability

Dafna Tachover is an Israel-based attorney who is helping to lead the mission for responsible, safe technology.

Dafna Tachover is the CEO of We Are The Evidence, an organization which advocates for the rights of those who has been injured by wireless technology.

In addition to an interview with Kevin Mottus, last Sunday I skyped with Dafna Tachover, an Israel-based attorney who was present at “G-Day”, last Thursday.

Tachover, who is among millions now who have directly experienced microwave radiation harm after becoming sensitized to it, says that the only way forward is individual accountability and liability. In my view, she is obviously right.

“Until there’s personal accountability and liability, this systematic problem that repeats itself will happen again, and again, and again, and it has been. So, we learned that the tobacco industry was lying to the public, bluntly — to the public, to the government, to health organizations — without any hesitation…. Was anyone sued? No. Was anyone found personally accountable? No. So that’s actually what enables this kind of behavior to happen again and again.”

“This is the action we should take: we should make it clear to those government people — or you know, if we talk about wi-fi in schools, the school principals, who do have personal responsibility and liability to protect children’s health — to make sure they know they will be found personally liable for the harms they cause. They have a position of trust, and they betrayed that trust. And they should be found liable. It should be civil liability and criminal liability.”

-Dafna Tachover, attorney [on above video]

Kevin Mottus is meeting with reps and creating change on the ground in Washington. If you want to create real change with him, contact him at

Kevin Mottus is meeting with reps on the ground in Washington DC, Sept 6 – Oct 6. To meet up with him there, reach him at [email protected].

Former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus spoke about the urgency of the situation.

“My background is as a medical social worker. And when I was in the hospitals I saw young salesman and lawyers coming in with brain tumors, and healthy otherwise, other than the tumor — and doctors asking them about their cell phone use. So I was clued in very early with these heavy users and the tumors it was causing.”

“Schools are now our most dangerous places to be. You have 20-40 wireless transmitters in their iPads and wireless laptops, and then you have 2-3 commercial-grade wireless routers…. So you have, really, the setting of the most significant exposure in our country, and the most vulnerable population being exposed are small children — which we know are 3 to 4 times as sensitive to all environmental hazards.”

“We are microwaving our population and wondering why our cancer is going through the roof and chronic disease is going through the roof. It’s really very sad.”

“I spoke to Congressman Grayson from Florida, and while I was talking with him, one of his staffers, Joe, came up to me. And he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ I said, ‘I’m talking about wireless cell phones causing brain tumors.’ He said, ‘That’s interesting, because I had a brain aneurysm and I’m lucky to be alive. It’s also interesting because my buddy just died from a brain tumor.’”

“So, people are definitely getting sick. And you need to ask them, ‘Does your face tingle when you use your cell phone?…. Do you have difficulty sleeping? Have you ever gotten nauseous using the phone? Do you feel funny when you’re around wi-fi, or getting close to it?’ And you’ll be surprised — people are getting sick.”

“For instance, I spoke to Congressman Rush. Congressman Rush has a salivary gland tumor, which Israel has associated with cell phone use….”

“We need to stop this before they [FCC] auction the [ultra-high frequency] spectrum.”

-Kevin Mottus, former Congressional candidate, California [on above video]

What can I do to stop this crazy plan!?


Our friends at have put together an action page for writing, calling and emailing Congress, the FCC and others. Our friends at have put together an action page for writing, calling and emailing Congress, the FCC and others. Use this platform and templates to let them know firmly that you:

  1. Accept their oath of office to defend the Constitution, and all of your rights
  2. Will hold them responsible, liable and accountable if they do not stop harmful 5G technology in its tracks
  3. Demand the 1996 Telecommunications Act be immediately repealed. (This industry-penned law took away local rights to refuse cell tower installations on health or environmental grounds.)
  4. Demand that the responsibility of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) safety standards be transferred to an independent, science based panel that represents the people. (The FCC has NO ONE who is qualified to protect the health of the people, because it was never part of their mandate.)

This is the “warning shot.” While all know more than letters to our reps will be needed to right the ship, this is where it starts. So do this first.

Then, to join the movement and be kept informed of organized actions going forward, be sure to subscribe your email to and to our site,


Mottus is calling on everyone to go to speak with your government reps in DC — and to go in person if at all possible.

“You know where the Congressmen are. You know where all of the committees are. Go. Educate them. Go like the wireless industry goes, time after time, to the FCC.”

Mottus is inviting all anyone who wants to join him in DC for the next session of Congress (between September 6 to October 6), to email him at [email protected].

It is also very important to contact your local governments, to let them know that they, too, will be held individually accountable and liable. In Wheeler’s June 20 talk, he very clearly identified the role that local governments will play, if their plan of 5G is to be “successful” or not.


Take inspired action now.This is as much about standing up to the harm-doers and holding them accountable, as it is about holding yourself accountable to do the right thing. Not to take the world on your shoulders, but to do the right thing and stay connected with others who are likewise committed.

In this process, we’re remembering who we are, as co-creators of reality. We’re accepting responsibility for the fact that we let the situation become what it is today, because of our passive trust in those who have become corrupted — but we’re forgiving ourselves, trusting in the greater flow, and coming together.

Though it can be painful to face the situation and accept the necessity of our action, we just have to do it. We’re now seeing clearly that in order for the human species to make it through this threshold, individual rights must be protected.

It is not ok to suppress free speech. It is not ok to suppress science; whenever this happens the resulting harm is enormous. And it is not ok to prioritize power and greed above life itself.

So the only way left is to grow up, individually and as a species. When we do this — by taking responsibility and putting our Inspired Will into the world — we open the door to a future of awakening, freedom and peace for all humanity.

Gestapo In The USA- FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout-05

Gestapo In The USA- FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout-06

By: Josh del Sol


Breaking: Feds Going Door To Door Collecting Urine Samples “checking for ZIKA”.

For the Zika Virus “Local, state and federal health officials are  going door-to-door  to ask residents for urine samples and other information in an effort to determine how many people may be infected Additional cases are anticipated.

It is possible that someone could have Zika without knowing, since 80% of those infected have no symptoms. When symptoms occur, they can include fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes, and they can last from a few days to about a week.
There is no treatment or vaccine for Zika. None of these four unidentified patients, which include a woman and three men, has needed hospitalization.


George Orwell’s book was good, but he couldn’t even predict this madness. what happens if you say no? Are you put on a list? Forced to pee in a cup? I cannot imagine there isn’t some repercussion if you refuse to pee for the government on cue. Wow This is something else. HOLY @#$( READ IT HERE CNN says they are ‘collecting urine samples door to door”

 Folks, you read this correctly. The feds and other local authorities are going DOOR TO DOOR to private residences asking (demanding?) urine samples.

What if a resident does not comply?  What else are they testing for? Would you comply? I can tell you right now I am not giving any local or federal agent my urine. If arrest were the alternative then let them arrest me. I have nothing to hide, but no way would I submit to such a test if the feds showed up at my door.Some experts I’m speaking with are saying their asking for urine under the guise of “Zika virus” when it is, in fact, for something much more sinister. This is very disturbing to me.


As CNN clearly states; the few people with the oh so scary (alleged!) Zika virus have NOT EVEN REQUIRED HOSPITALIZATION.
What’s funny to me is George Orwell’s book 1984 was off. I don’t mean that he wrote it a few year’s too early. I mean that I don’t think Orwell could have ever predicted things would become so maddening. Having read his book a few times I think it might be a walk in the park compared to the real 1984 we are beginning to endure.

If the door to door demand for urine samples continue – we might have to take a little vacation (I could use one) from our home in Florida.

This might really go unprecedented.  If anyone knows of another time the feds and local authorities went door to door asking for you to hand over your own urine- let me know.

By: Erin Elizabeth


Source: CNN (Because you can’t make this Sh** up!)

Anonymous Hackers Take 9 Rothschild Central Banks Offline.


The Anonymous campaign against the global banking cartel, OpIcarus: Shut Down The Banks, is gaining momentum as nine Rothschild owned central banks were taken offline after the hacking collective identified the global financial system as the “power behind the throne” of the New World Order, and issued a global call to arms to fight the financial system that is enslaving us.

According to a video released in conjunction with OpIcarus, the attack on Bank of Greece marked the beginning of a “30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.” This massive push, according to the video, aims to “strike at the heart of [the] empire by once again throw[ing] a wrench into the machine.

In some of the most recent attacks over the weekend, hackers reportedly targeted the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the Dutch Central Bank, the Central Bank of Maldives, and Guernsey Financial Services Commission, according to the official @OpIcarus Twitter account.

We are enslaved within a matrix of institutions with the illusion that each stands alone, fighting for power, for profits, for the scraps on the table that represent humanities dwindling resources. In reality however, these institutions – the arms industries, banking and other financial institutions, government intelligence agencies and countless others, have formed what was once a clandestine coalition whose corruption, and avarice have become increasingly transparent due to WikiLeaks and to the efforts of Anonymous. This coalition seeks the preservation and the perpetuation of the powers that be, and this octopus operates through the tentacles of the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank, masterminded by think-tanks such as the Bilderberg group, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

But where does the power behind the throne lie? Within the global financial system, centered within the New York Stock Exchange, and Bank of England,” the manifesto reports.


The National Bank of Panama and the Central Bank of Kenya were also reportedly targeted a day later, according to hacking news publication HackRead.


What began as an Anonymous operation has now become a joint op between Anonymous and the GhostSquadHackers, with reported GSH member, s1ege tweeting about taking the Central Bank of Bosnia-Herzegovina offline and providing a screenshot to verify.


The twitter account @BannedOffline also reported the Central Bank of Mexico had succumbed to a DDoS attack by the hacking collective.


Anonymous has released a list of institutions the collective plans to target, which is divided into four sections; websites associated with the U.S. Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), sites owned by the World Bank, and over 150 sites associated with national banks around the globe.

Thus far, in less than a week, OpIcarus hackers have now hit ten of the financial institutions they’ve listed in an online manifesto, but questions remain as to whether these elite hackers will be able to bypass the intense security measures of the more prestigious institutions on their target list.

By: Baxter Dmitry


EXPOSED: the companies profiting from forced labour in the UK.

EXPOSED- the companies profiting from forced labour in the UK-01

A shocking Freedom of Information (FOI) request has finally revealed the organisations who profited from free, forced labour in the UK – and it was all instigated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

The list of 545 charities, companies and government institutions details those that have used the DWP “Mandatory Work Activity” (MWA) scheme. The MWA was a system, started in 2011 but scrapped in late 2015, whereby individuals on either Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or in the Work-related Activity Group (WRAG) of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) had to do a four-week “placement” at an employer, free of charge, up to a maximum of 30 hours per week – to meet the criteria for receiving their benefits.

The idea behind the scheme, which was first piloted under Labour as the Jobseeker Mandatory Activity in 2006, was to help individuals get back into paid employment. As former employment minister Chris Grayling commented in 2012:

Where we use mandation [sic] in our welfare policies, it will be to do useful work on community projects. We will never mandate anyone to work for a big company. They wouldn’t take them if we did.

However, the reality of people on MWA doing “useful work on community projects” has always been disputed. The DWP have always refused FOI requests asking for the names of those involved in MWA, on the grounds that it would “prejudice the commercial interests of the DWP and those delivering services on its behalf.”

But after a legal challenge against the DWP by campaigner Frank Zola, the department was forced to release the names of all organisations who used MWA. “Useful community projects” is about as far from the truth as you can get.

The request shows that charities were among the biggest beneficiaries of the DWP scheme. High profile names included Age UK,  Cancer Research UK, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Help the Aged, the RSPCA and the Salvation Army.

While it may seem at first that there is nothing untoward with charities benefiting from free help, when you look at the underlying rules that surrounded the MWA, ethical questions are brought into sharp focus. The DWP made it extremely clear that if a claimant messed up their “placement”, then they would be punished. It specifically said that:

Failure to complete a Mandatory Work Activity placement without good cause will result in the sanction of Jobseeker’s Allowance for three months. This will rise to six months for a second breach. From later in 2012 a three year fixed sanction will apply for a third violation.

The issue with the MWA was its “one size fits all” approach to individuals. As one person’s testimony alludes to, being forced to do MWA for the RSPCA was causing more harm than good:

I am forced to drop everything, from studies to other voluntary work I’m doing just to do MWA. This will take 30 hours a week in work time; that’s not counting the 3 hours (total on bus per day) travel time plus the 6 miles I’ll be walking daily (3 miles to and from), that takes me about 30mins 1h total both ways (it’s all uphill)
So in a week, working it out overall, that’s:
Bus traversing time 3×5 hours = 15
Walking to the bus for 5 days is 1 hour, so that’s 5 hours
So travel time in total 15+5=20h
Then add the working hours and travel time together it’s 30+20=50h
So we’re looking at it being 50h weeks including all traveling time for the next 4-8 weeks.

As the writer went on to say:

I’ve been left a nervous wreck, I’ve been crying, tiny little things that go wrong just seem to be the straw that breaks the donkey’s back now. I’ve even been going into the dark realms of thinking about killing myself just to escape. Thankfully they’re fleeting and I chase the idea off at the moment.

Many of the charities involved were either for disabled people, the elderly, or mental health-related – all demographics which would have been directly affected by the MWA and its unwavering pursuit of forced labour. It would seem, surely, to have gone against the most basic principles of these organisations to involve themselves with such a scheme. And yet they did, en masse.

It wasn’t just charities benefiting, either. Numerous local authorities appeared on the FOI list, including Essex, Hartlepool and Stockton County Councils. This in itself was preposterous, as it essentially meant that the individuals on MWA were effectively earning their benefits – by working for government institutions for free, while they would have still been paying council tax.

But it is the multinational corporations that were involved which is the most shocking element of the FOI – because, as Grayling said, the DWP MWA scheme was supposed to be applied to “useful community projects”.

The names on the list are staggering, but unsurprising: Asda, Boots, the Co-op, DHL, Morrisons, Nando’s, Poundstretcher, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield, Superdrug, Tesco, The Range and WH Smith.

Quite often, people sent by the DWP were used as a cost-saving device by the companies involved. As one individual who did unpaid work for Asda recounted:

The store has been sending home paid workers early and using workfare workers. The store has somewhere between 10 and 15 people on DWP work experience. Not long after my group started work, paid staff started mentioning people being sent home early while work experience people were kept on. All of the work experience people that I know personally are working Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve […] it seems pretty unlikely that they’re going to have normal levels of paid staff working on extra pay when they apparently can’t afford to pay them all normal wages in the course of a regular week.

Essentially, these multinational corporations were getting free labour – at the expense of the taxpayer via benefits payments. Furthermore, solicitors from Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) in Birmingham commented in 2012 that individuals under the MWA were being forced to work against their will, amounting to a breach of their human rights under article 4 (2) of the HRA, which states: “No one shall be required to perform forced or compulsory labour.”

Jim Duffy from PIL told the Guardian:

Forcing jobseekers to work for free may benefit big business but does nothing to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty. Instead it amounts to exploitation, decided at the whim of a Jobcentre Plus adviser.

In 2011, the Social Security Advisory Committee warned about the MWA and its undermining of paid employment, stating that “overtime to permanent staff was being reduced or removed” and that “there was also evidence to suggest that work experience placements were being taken on to cover Christmas vacancies.”

Furthermore, an investigation by Corporate Watch found that of 84,000 people sent on the MWA between November 2011 and October 2012, around one in 10 of these people had their benefits stopped for between three and six months. The DWP refused to disclose the reasons for the sanctions.

While the MWA scheme has been scrapped, mandatory workfare is embedded in Universal Credit as “work preparation”. As Frank Zola, who made the legal challenge to the DWP to release this information on MWA, commented:

Over the past four and a half years the DWP has been denying the public right to know the names of employers using its numerous forced unpaid labour schemes, in their communities […] why should employers be able to hide behind the DWP’s cloak secrecy and legal shenanigans? Charities, businesses and public authorities should stop using using workfare. Like Oxfam, they should all consider it fundamentally unethical.

To make work pay, including ‘traineeships’ and other forms of ‘work experience’ organised by Government or employers must be paid at the going rate, be entirely voluntary, with no distinction on the basis of age and all workers should have the status of employees with full trade union, health and safety and equality legislation rights and protection. Benefit claimants should be provided with education and training that is entirely voluntary and have parity with the resources and money currently devoted to University level education.

Indeed, if anything is to be learned from the disastrous, exploitative and unethical MWA, it is that it appeared to do the exact opposite of what the DWP intended. Far from nurturing and preparing people to get back into paid employment, it served as little more than an exercise in forced labour, causing anxiety, distress and untold amounts of worry to those people (some already vulnerable) who were subject to it.

At least now one of the Tories’ most despicable policies has been exposed for what it was: Dickensian abuse of the poor. Nothing less.

Get involved.

Contact your MP to urge a full public inquiry into the Mandatory Work Activity scheme.

Support Boycott Workfare, who have campaigned tirelessly on this issue.

By: Steve Topple


How To Detect Fake Honey Use THIS Simple Trick.


Do not make the mistake of buying the cheapest honey in supermarket just to save a dollar. The universal truth holds true in this case because you get what you pay for you may be surprised to know you’re not buying pure honey in some cases. This is false/misleading advertising.

In order to lower the price, the chemical make-up of honey is often subjected to numerous alterations.

A public research study conducted by the Food Safety News provided a rather alarming find concerning honey. They have discovered that upto 76% of all types of honey available in supermarkets have been subjected to a process called ultra filtration.

This filtration process removes impurities like wax traces, but also the pollen as well.

The manufacturers say that this process is needed in order to prevent “crystallizing and to prolong the shelf life of the product.” Little do the consumers know that pollen is extremely important and beneficial to our bodies.

According to these researchers, the main reason to avoid honey thats been teated by this process is the inability to determine the geographical origin of the honey, as in cases of pollen contamination, the origin needs to be analyzed and traced.

Chinese honey is one such example. It is often contaminated with illegal antibiotics and some metals, since producers process honey in this way in order to import it, and its origin is unknown.

Therefore, we can suggest a few brands and places where you can purchase honey which lacks pollen:

  • Honey types sold at Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy do not contain pollen.
  • Certain packages of KFC and McDonald honey do not contain pollen.
  • Honey Winnie the Pooh which can be bought at Walmart does not have pollen.
  • 77% of the honey sold at Costco, Target and Sam’s Club do not have pollen.

Moreover, there are also honey types which have been combined with glucose, as well as others which are high in poor-quality mead. Adulterated honey is honey that is not in its purest possible form.

How to Recognize Fake Honey:

  • If your honey does not “crystallize” over time, there is a good chance it may be adulterated, since the pure one will crystallize when kept in the fridge.
  • Always read the labels: Always read the label on the honey, and if it contains commercial glucose or high fructose corn syrup, avoid it.
  • Add a few iodine drops into a glass of water and add in some honey afterwards. If your honey turns a blue colour it has been combined with corn starch.
  • Add a couple of drops of vinegar into a mixture of water with honey. If you see foam, your honey has been adulterated with plaster.
  • Burn the honey with phosphorus or a match, and if it ignites, it is pure honey.
  • Place a spoon of honey into a glass of water. In case the honey does not dissolve, it is pure. Fake honey or poor-quality honey dissolves in water.